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Winter Skincare.

As we covered skincare in Summer it seems only right to add a blog about winter skincare too.

The clocks went back last weekend which means colder weather, central heating, Christmas eating and drinking- all of which will take a toll on our skin, but if you start now, these tips should help your skin survive the winter months ahead.


Keeping your skin supple and hydrated comes from the inside as much as it does from the products you apply. Keep your hydration levels up and keep drinking the water!

2 - SPF. Just because the sun isnt shining and the sky is a little greyer over the winter months, UVA levels are still high enough to age your skin so make sure you continue to use SPF throughout the winter months.

3 - TREAT YOUR SKIN - to a treatment. A facial or skincare treatment which involves exfoliation will enourage new skin cells and collagen production. Just remember to book it well in advance of any parties planned to allow your skin to settle down.

4 - LOOK AT YOUR CURRENT REGIME - you may need to modify your skincare regime in the winter monthsby using more cream based cleansers, and if you use an astringent toner, you may need to use this more sparingly. Avoid very hot showers as these can dry your skin out.

I offer a range of facial treatments which are tailored to your skin type, with products adapted accordingly. Check out my Facials page for more information.

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