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Reiki Treatment

Skin Boosters

The ultimate moisturiser for your skin! Developed with beneficial, moisture-surging properties – skin booster treatments have been designed to deliver saturating hydration to the deeper dermis. They bring a more subtle approach to an aesthetic procedure whilst providing real and valuable benefits to the skin.  A course of 2/3 treatments is recommended 4 weeks apart which will require a top up every 6 months thereafter.


  • Consultation – Free

  • Belle Ame Skin Booster Special -     £130.00                         (The correct product for your skin type after analysis)

  • Top up   £110.00                                                                            

  • Profhilo  -  £230.00                                                           

  • Profhilo package of 2 - £340.00   

  • Jalupro - £140.00                                                              

  • Jalupro super H - £180.00                                                 

  • Lumi Eyes -  £140.00                                                         (Lumi Eyes deminishes dark under eye circles, moisturises and fights fine wrinkles. It will smooth and lift the skin under the eyes. The effect is visible after the first treatment                                                                 

  • Lumi Eyes Package (3 Treatments) - £330.00                                              

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